| Urban Design Lab
We need to prepare for the coming age, investigating "how our own environment, a city or community, changes, and also how the framework for the various elements that for the foundation for the construction of our environment changes" in terms of the "shrinkage / maturation" paradigm. This laboratory aims to study and make proposals for the form of cities, communities, and architecture for the coming society of the future.
| Architectural Design Lab
This laboratory considers modern structures realized through innovation, spatial configurations, functions, urban forms, relationships with clients, and design team strategies, studying plans for submission in architectural design competitions as well as architectural theories born from the results of completed projects and architectural trends.
| Urban and Architectural Design Theory Lab>>
What kind of social factors are behind the creation of buildings and cities, which are already transforming in a complex manner, and what theories are there to design and analyze these? This laboratory studies these questions and links them to implementation of creation.