| Incentive Earthquake Disaster Prevention Lab>>
Incentive earthquake prevention is a new discipline that examines disaster prevention measures for minimizing earthquake destruction under constrained conditions based on optimization logic. Based on earthquake / ground tremor research and research on architectural structure / ground earthquake response status, the laboratory examines the most appropriate disaster prevention and survival measures, taking into consideration local earthquake / ground environments and social environments.
| Real-time Earthquake Disaster Prevention Lab>>
Based on the latest earthquake observation and information communication technology, this laboratory focuses mainly on research aimed at reducing earthquake damage using information obtained in real time about earthquakes / ground tremors, and structural damage. Individual themes include: (1) earthquake hazards; (2) input of earthquake tremors into structures; (3) instantaneous prediction of earthquake tremors / damage distribution; and (4) reduction of damage immediately following an earthquake.
| Disaster Potential Research Lab>>
In addition to the performance of earthquake resistance and earthquake risk evaluations of architectural structures becoming common, how we think about urban disaster prevention performance evaluations and urban development within safety guidelines is becoming increasingly important. The formulation of disaster prevention performance evaluation makes possible the rational reduction of urban earthquake risks.