| History of Architecture Lab>>
At this laboratory, we research scientifically the history of architecture in Japan and East Asia from ancient times to the present age. In addition, we research the cultural properties for preservation of historical architecture. In that case, we research on many sides from various viewpoints, such as the design of architecture, technique, space, structure, ideas of work, and these social backgrounds. Furthermore, we discuss the history of architecture, being based on the cultural international relations in East Asia.
| World Heritage Architecture Lab>>
Based on surveys of existing relics and readings of literature and historical materials, this laboratory undertakes the historical study of UNESCO world heritage architecture and buildings, focusing mainly on the Italian Renaissance. Moreover, the laboratory also undertakes a broad range of preservation and restoration research in addition to undertaking historical research of modern architecture and industrial heritage properties, both in Japan and overseas, that are commonly overlooked as being cultural properties.
| Architectural Programming for Public Facilities Lab>>
Architectural programming for public facilities laboratory has been focusing on the study of planning for various facilities in the modern society. These facilities work as a dynamo to promote many social activities. To soften our recent problems, it would be necessary to reconsider a role of these facilities. Therefore, the research fields of the laboratory cover wide areas, such as Post Occupancy Evaluation and disaster recovery planning.