| History of Architecture Lab>>
This laboratory studies architectural spaces from a historical perspective. While both Japanese and Western architecture is studied, the laboratory mainly examines the history of Japanese housing and the history of modern Japanese architecture, examining from fresh perspectives the process of change and clarifying the factors behind this change. Another research theme is strategies for surveying and preserving architectural cultural properties.
| Cultural Studies on Architecture Lab>>
In research related to technological history, this laboratory clarifies the formative principles of traditional architecture (shrines, temples, houses, etc.) from the standpoint of the era and region of construction. In research relation to production history, study focuses on the activities of technicians in the formation of architectural culture spheres. The laboratory also examines various problems concerning the surveying, preservation, utilization, and restoration of old buildings.
| World Heritage Architecture Lab>>
Based on surveys of existing relics and readings of literature and historical materials, this laboratory undertakes the historical study of UNESCO world heritage architecture and buildings, focusing mainly on the Italian Renaissance. Moreover, the laboratory also undertakes a broad range of preservation and restoration research in addition to undertaking historical research of modern architecture and industrial heritage properties, both in Japan and overseas, that are commonly overlooked as being cultural properties.