| Structural Safety System Lab>>
The laboratory investigates a variety of subjects related to the wind effects on structures and urban environment. The subjects of on-going researches are as follows: wind resistant design of structures; evaluation of wind resistant performance of structures; wind damage to structures by tornados and downbursts and its mitigation; and pedestrian-level wind environment around buildings.
| Performance Control System Lab>>
Performance evaluation and structural design of building structures with safety, high-quality and sustainability. Development of new material and innovative structural system. Earthquake disaster prevention and risk analysis for reinforced concrete buildings and cities. Development of middle to high-rise timber building structures.
| Adaptive Design Engineering Lab>>
To evaluate the anti-disaster performances such as seismic safety, reparability, tsunami-proof performance of new/existing/historic buildings are studied in this laboratory. And new adaptive/acceptable/affordable technologies such as digital-image-based damage investigation system are developed for enhancing the anti-disaster performances.