| Sustainable Environment Creation Lab>>
This laboratory conducts research of ways to achieve healthy and comfortable residential environments with the minimum burden on the natural environment. Current research themes include (1) indoor air pollution and ventilation systems; (2) housing living environments and energy consumption; (3) thermal comfort and productivity; (4) humidity environment; and (5) living environment problems in China and other Asian countries.
| Regional Environment Planning Lab>>
This laboratory conducts research to evaluate and analyze the geographical conditions, climate, urban structure, and other characteristics of in specific regions, then devise appropriate environmental plans. Current research themes include (1) urban wind environments/hot-air environments; (2) quantification of regional environmental potential; (3) CFD-based environmental analysis; and (4) heat island countermeasures.
| Life Cycle Engineering Lab>>
With the objective of systemizing maintenance and preservation methods aimed at lengthening the lives of buildings, including material and construction method selection and long-term rehabilitation planning, this laboratory undertakes research related to such areas as development of new materials and construction methods; mechanisms and prediction methods for construction materials deterioration; and restoration methods enabling the reuse of buildings.