| Regional Environment Planning Lab>>
Urban climate is influenced by regional characteristics, e.g. geographical features, land-use, sea breeze and anthropogenic heat release, etc. To propose the proper solutions for various environmental problems in various regions, this laboratory has been focusing on the following research areas: 1) Simulation methods for the analysis of microscale & mesoscale climates based on CFD modelings, 2) Clarification of regional characteristics of urban climates using the results of the climate analysis, 3) Methodology for the control and design of urban environment in accordance with the regional characteristics.
| Sustainable Environment Creation Lab>>
In order to realize a healthy and comfortable living environment with less environmental burden, we are investigating and analyzing the indoor environment and energy consumption of buildings and developing highly efficient facility equipment. In this laboratory, we are also studying natural utilization technologies available onsite such as natural daylighting system and solar thermal utilization.
| Human Environment Design Lab>>
In order to create healthy, comfortable and productivity-enhancing built environment, the human environment design laboratory studies human physiological, psychological and behavioral responses to indoor/outdoor physical environments. Based on these studies, this laboratory also develops new techniques and methodology to control and design indoor/outdoor environment.