JSPS-NSFC / Joint Research Project


The 5th International Symposium (2020/Spring)


Beijing or Shanghai, China


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Project Outline


The purpose of this research is to develop a high-accuracy, quick and easy-to-implement earthquake damage assessment technology that utilizes the latest information technology.
Specifically, the digital images of building damage are not only instantly judged by deep learning, but also used to evalute the amount of damage that contribute to the determination of residual seismic capacity of building structure.


(1) Construction of database of digital images about building damage for deep learning
  • Image database for deep-learning of seismic damage from experimental results and earthquake reconnaissance
  • Morphological algorithm for evaluation of seismic damage
  • Combining the classification by deep-learning and morphological algorithm
  •  etc.
(2) Developing the more sophisticated and cutting-edge tecnology for seismic performance evaluation
  • Monitoring technology for structure and non-structural component
  • New technology for disaster resilient society
  •  etc.


Chinese member
    Assoc. Prof. Xiaodong Ji (Tsinghua University) as P.I.
    Prof. Peng Pan (Tsinghua University)
    Assoc. Prof. Zuozhou Zhao (Tsinghua University)
    Prof. Tao Wang (IEM, China Earthquake Administration)
    Assoc. Prof. Xuchuan Lin (IEM, China Earthquake Administration)
Japanese member
    Prof. Taichiro Okazaki (Hokkaido University) as P.I.
    Assoc. Prof. Takuya Nagae (Nagoya University)
    Prof. Ippei Maruyama (Nagoya University)
    Assoc. Prof. Noriyuki Takahashi (Tohoku University)
    Assoc. Prof. Tomohiro Matsumiya (Kindai University)
    Assoc. Prof. Ryota Matsui (Hokkaido University)

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