2022/07/13-15 JCI annual conference
2022/07/27-28 Tohoku University Open Campus
2022/08/30-31 Admission Exam. to Graduate School


Anti-disaster performances (such as seismic, reparability, durability, tsunami-proof performance) of buildings according to the arbitrary scenarios are studied via analytical, experimental, and reconnaissance researches.

Next-Generation Performance-based Seismic Design

The first stage of performance-based seismic design method had been developed from 1990s, then the multiple performances (safety, reparability, and serviceability) were proposed. The second generation of performance-based design has been developed from 2000s, then the quantitative evaluation method of each performance has been proposed such as FEMA P-58. In our laboratory, the next(third)-generation of performance-based design is developed and researched.

Lifecycle Vulnerability Assessment of Buildings & Cities

Lifecycle vulnerability assessments of buildings & cities are studied. For instance, evaluation methods for seismic repair cost of a building due to the lifecycle earthquake scenarios are investigated.