2019.01.17 A lecture meeting was held by Prof. LI of Wuhan University of Technology and Mr. Zhang from China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group CO.,LTD.
2018.12.14 A lecture meeting was held by Mr. KATO Shinsuke, who is a honorary professor of Tokyo University.
2018.12.04 Ms. Homma、Mr. Yamamoto、Ms. Onoda gave oral presentations at the 25th Wind Engineering Symposium.
2018.11.29-30 Ms.Onoda,Mr. Tagada and Mr. Nunokawa gave oral presentations at the Asian Symposium on Urban Environment and Energy in UTokyo 2018.
2018.10.09 Mr.Zhang finished his one-year study of PhD exchange program in Japan and came back to China.
2018.09.12 Prof. Zhai returned home after completing the academic communications with three environmental research groups in Japan and domestic researchers.
2018.09.08-09 Summer seminar was held at Motoyoshi District.
2018.09.04-06 Prof.Mochida, Ishida Sensei and 8 students gave presentations in AIJ annual meeting 2018.
2018.08.10 Prof.ZHAI gave a special lecture, and the welcome party for Prof.ZHAI was held.
2018.08.06 Prof.ZHAI of Colorado University came to Japan!
2018.08.06-10 ZHOU Xilin(PhD student) gave a poster presentation at 10th International Conference on Urban Climate
2018.07.31-08.01 The researches of LBEE were introduced at open campus.
2018.06.04-05 Prof.Haghighat gave a special lecture.
2018.05.30 The PhD student Reza from Iran finished his 2 months communication in Prof.Mochida's lab.
2018.04.09 The PhD student Reza from Iran joined in Prof.Mochida's lab
2018.04.02 New 4th grade Mr. Ishikawa, Mr. Kobayashi, Mr. Futagawa were assigned.
2018.03.15 Prof. Baumueller gave a special lecture about Green Infrastructure.
2018.03.13 Prof. Mochida, Ishida Sensei,Mr.Yamamoto gave oral presentations at WRDM.
2018.03.11-14 The 1st International Workshop on Wind-Related Disasters and Mitigation (WRDM)held in Tohoku University. This workshop was held for the first time on the theme of Wind-Related Disasters including not only conventional strong wind disasters but also environmental obstacles brought by weak wind, Prof. Uematsu was chairman of the workshop, Prof. Mochida was the chairman of the executive committee, Prof. Ozake was the executive committee secretary, Ishida Sensei was the deputy secretary, and many students from the laboratory participated as staff. Prof. Yingli XUAN of Tokyo Polytechnic University, Dr. Sasaki of Shimizu Corporation, Mr. Tabata of Obayashi Corporation, Ms. Konno of Takenaka Corporation, etc. OB / OG of Mochida laboratory who are working at research institutes of university or corporation. Thanks to the cooperation of the students and OB・OG, we can complete successfully. In environmental sessions on urban climate, Prof. Juergen Baumueller, famous for Stuttgart's wind path, Prof. Satoru Iizuka of Nagoya University, Prof. Chao Ren of Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Prof. Xianyi ZHOU of Tongji University were invited for keynote lectureres. Prof. Qiong Li from South China University of Technology, who had previously studied at Tohoku University, also came.


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